Victoria College to pilot four-week courses for Spring 2019

 Victoria College will begin offering four-week courses during the Spring 2019 semester for qualifying students who want to progress quickly toward their general studies degree or transfer path. 

Rather than take four classes over the entire 16-week semester, students who enroll in the pilot program will take a single class for four weeks, followed by another single class for the next four weeks and so on.  Once the semester is over, the student will have completed 12 hours.

The following are the four-week classes that will be offered during the Spring 2019 semester:

  • Learning Frameworks (EDUC 1300), Jan. 14-Feb. 8
  • Composition I (ENGL 1301), Feb. 11-March 8
  • United States History I (HIST 1301), March 18-April 12
  • United States History II (HIST 1302), April 15-May 9

“Research suggests that students who enroll in condensed courses typically perform better in part due to the intensive study, having 16-week content compressed into four weeks, but also because of the concentrated focus of one course at a time,” said Jacob Flores, VC’s dean of arts, humanities and social sciences.

Eligible students who register for all four Spring 2019 four-week courses by noon on Dec. 14 can receive a book scholarship valued at $235. Book scholarships are limited and will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Interested students are encouraged to speak with an advisor to see if four-week courses are right for them.

For more information, contact Victoria College’s Call Center at (361) 573-3291.



by Coy Slavik, Communications Specialist, Victoria College