Military Veteran Endowed Scholarship Established with the VC Foundation

The Victoria College Foundation recently received funding to establish the Adam Sclafani Military Veteran Endowed Scholarship.  

Funding was provided anonymously to honor the military veteran who served in the United States Air Force from 2010-2017.

Sclafani enlisted in the United States Air Force to develop the discipline and focus he wanted in everyday life.  He was stationed at air force bases in the U.S. and overseas and was honorably discharged in 2017.

The endowment is to honor Sclafani's enlistment in the United States Armed Forces. The donor chose to fund the endowment to assist with those expenses that are not covered by federal and state higher education benefits provided to honorably discharged veterans.  The scholarships awarded will give veterans adjusting to civilian life the opportunity to pursue their educational and career goals full-time without additional financial stress. 

“We are honored to accept the Adam Sclafani Military Veterans Endowed Scholarship,” said Amy Mundy, executive director of the Victoria College Foundation. “Seeking a higher education has tremendous rewards in the long-term. However, funding those educational goals can be difficult. We are pleased to be able to administer scholarships to those who have admirably served this country.”

“Victoria College is fortunate to have a Veterans Resource Center. The benefits provided through the center, along with scholarships specifically for veterans are great incentives for former military members to achieve their objectives,” said Eric Leonard, Victoria College’s Veterans Advisor.

Sclafani also earned the rank of Eagle Scout prior to his eight years of military service.

The Victoria College Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, financially supports Victoria College as it meets the needs of students, employees, facilities, classrooms and other Victoria College initiatives. For more information about the VC Foundation, call (361) 582-2419.



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