Donny Carroll Overcame Obstacles to Earn His Nursing Degree

Donny Carroll has a big personality. And a big heart.  That’s why he’s going to make such a great nurse.  In December 2016, Donny earned his Associate of Applied Science degree in nursing and received his nursing pin.  He passes his state board in January 2017 to become a registered nurse.

It hasn’t been easy. His life has been full of obstacles.  He achieved his career goal while he and his wife of 20 years, Jennifer, were raising a blended family of seven children.  Donny was working at an industrial plant in Victoria while attending school, but in 2007 he had to stop taking classes because the hours he worked interfered with the time he needed for his classes and studies.

In 2011, he returned to Victoria College while juggling several part-time jobs to help support his family, which included working as a nail technician at his wife’s salon.

He was accepted into the highly competitive VC Nursing Program in 2014. He had difficulty and failed out in Level 2 (the second semester of a four-semester program.)  Donny was accepted back into the program and passed.  He says the struggle made him strong and more determined. 

He notes that Victoria College’s KEY Center for first-generation college students was a blessing. Its grants, counselors and tutors made success possible.  He spent many hours there receiving tutoring and advising to overcome many obstacles he faced earlier in life, as well as completing his homework.

Donny was recently hired as an RN at Citizen’s Medical Center in orthopedics.

"The faculty and staff at Victoria College have been wonderful to me. 

I've received nothing but respect and understanding as an older returning student. 

They've encouraged me and have always had my back. 

Now, I'm ready to give back to help other students."

-    Donny Carroll