Anderson Family creates endowed scholarship

The Eleanor Anderson Family has created an endowed scholarship through the Victoria College Foundation to benefit Victoria College students seeking a major in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields.

These fields of study were important to Ms. Anderson as she earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry in 1956 from Colorado College and utilized her education working for both Shell Chemical Company and DuPont.

Science also played a role for her as an avid gardener. Not only enjoying gardening in her own back yard, she traveled extensively appreciating the diversity of horticulture around the world.

“Endowing a scholarship creates opportunities for generations of students and is a vital element in ensuring that those who want an education will have the financial assistance to pursue their hopes and dreams,” said Amy Mundy executive director of the Foundation. “We are very humbled that the Anderson family has chosen to assist students in this way.  Their family’s legacy will support students in these essential areas of study.” 

This endowed scholarship was created as a legacy to Ms. Anderson and her family. She passed away in October.  The scholarship was established to financially assist students who are passionate about these fields of study.

Stephen Anderson, family member, added “Mom was grateful for the opportunities in life provided by hard work in the classroom and laboratory, relationships with faculty and friends to obtain a bachelor's degree in chemistry which then opened doors for future employment, develop new friendships, family and travel." 

In addition to Ms. Anderson, the study of STEM subjects was also important to her two children, Stephen and Karen, as they became an engineer and chemist, respectively.

The Victoria College Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, financially supports Victoria College as it meets the needs of students, employees, facilities, classrooms and other important Victoria College initiatives. For more information about the Foundation, call (361) 582-2419.


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